What is The Bread Ministry and What is Our Goal?
Our local neighbors are hungry and need support. We make wonderful strides in outreach with food drives of non perishable items, yet there are so many additional neighbors we can reach immediately with foods that will only go to waste if it is not used. There is an abundance of prepared food in our area that needs to be given to those that need it now. This awareness gave creation to the The Bread Ministry.

The Church Council voted  to support and encourage our new Bread Ministry. Panera Bread Company in Florham Park has agreed to partner with us by giving the Chatham UMC all of the product that they don’t sell on Saturday nights, so that we can use the breads, pastries, bagels, cookies, and muffins for our use and to give away as an expression of love.

Our goal is simple: feed those in our church, town, and local community that are hungry, now. We have the opportunity and resources within our possession for disciples to help get this food to hungry people.

How does this work? And how can you sign up to be a disciple? Click on the link to go to our Sign-Up Genius.